All Steel Low Profile

Our All Steel Portable Bridges are the ultimate in easy to transport and set up access solutions. Small enough to require no piloting vehicles on transportation (<80ft) and built to be winchable or skiddable, we can get our bridges in place fast.

Temporary steel bridges are often used for detour bridges while conducting bridge repair, highway replacement projects, or while working to build permanent bridges. Prefabricated in two pieces and split down the middle, Steel Bridges are a quick and easy solution for these types of projects because they are low profile and can be placed with minimal earth works and end fill (gravel) required to tie the road grade into the bridge surface.

Bridge Specifications

Features common to all our bridges:
• Easily winchable, skidable and very durable, permitting easy installation and quick access
• Designed and fabricated to CAN/CSA-S6, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, and modified for industrial applications
• Bridge superstructures are fabricated from bridge weathering steel, no painting or maintenance required
• All welding conforms to CSA-59 requirements and bridges are fabricated in CWB Certified facilities
• Railings are painted with “bright safety yellow” for additional visibility
• Bridges up to 80’ are built with sturdy pull pipes (winch tubes) included into the design
• All designed for CAN/CSA-S6 CL-625, CL-750, CL-800 and BCFS L100 loading

All Steel Bridge Dimensions

  • Length: 20'-80'
  • Running Surface: 14'
  • Splash Guards: 8"
  • Expandable width options available


Accessesing Hard to Reach Areas

Steel bridges can give you access to areas that have water obstacles or crevasses that are in your way. Hard to reach places are no problem for steel bridges because they are winch-able and skid-able in order to get through rough terrain. The bridges can be launched over nearly any crossing. It's safe and efficient with minimal dirt work being required for end fills. Regardless of the industry you’re in, access over creeks, rivers, and small valleys is generally obtained during the logging phase of a newly permitted mineral surface lease. Once the bridge installation and logging is complete oil and gas, mining, forestry, transmission and distribution, or emergency access companies can proceed with further operations to any site.

Minimize Environmental Impacts

Installing a temporary steel bridge can protect the land where you’re working and lessen the impact of your activities on the environment. Environmental buffers on creek crossings such as riparian management zones need to comply with environmental regulations and have zero disturbance within that area. The use of steel bridges can allow the client to obtain the permit that is necessary for them to cross that environmentally sensitive land or body of water, without encroaching or disturbing anything within the zone.