Experts in Winter Access

With nearly 70 percent of Canada’s landmass or about seven million square kilometers, being inaccessible by major roads or rail lines, Northern Mat & Bridge has been successful in providing remote access to Canada’s north for over 19 years. Our crews have the skills and equipment to safely complete any job, big or small while working in the most rugged terrain.

To better serve our clients, we have recently expanded our services. We are using our specialized knowledge of northern operations for constructing winter access roads such as ice roads or ice bridges. Winter roads allow for affordable, temporary access to isolated areas that can only be reached in non-winter months by air or sometimes boat.

Our Arctic Access team has over 30 years of experience building winter roads to the most remote areas throughout Canada.


Proper equipment and experienced crews are crucial when building high-quality winter roads, ice, roads, ice bridges and pad sites from enormous volumes of snow. Our experienced and reliable Arctic Access Team uses top of the line Piston Bully and Bombardier Snowcats, fully outfitted for all of your industrial access needs.

Our snowcat units move massive volumes of snow while operating at optimal speeds. Specialized performance tracks significantly minimize the ground pressure, allowing us to reduce environmental impacts and safely pass through the rugged Northern Canadian terrain.

Our Arctic Access team uses snow cat accessories, such as gin poles with winches for lifting, decks for hauling fuel and supplies, tiller mounted tire drags and man carrier units, all of which contribute to making our operations highly efficient.



The ability to make an immense volume of snow is the foundation for building winter roads such as ice bridges. Our high pressure, high out-put snowmaking systems include large fan guns with complete self-contained command centers, pumps, and generator sets.

Whether you need to make snow to build ice bridges for creek crossings, ice roads, bridge approaches or filling gullies, our expert Arctic Access team will produce mass volumes of snow, in a hurry, so that you can get your job done on time and budget.

Use Snowcats & Snowmaking for:

  • Bush road snow clearing & swamp packing
  • Pipeline construction
  • Hydro transmission line construction
  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • High capacity drilling pads
  • Environmentally sensitive wetland crossings
  • Snow bridges, bridge approaches, construction and Piling Work
  • Filling gullies/ low areas