Best-in-Class Operations & Services

Power Transmission & Distribution; Pipeline; Oil and Gas; Emergency Response; Renewable Energy; Forestry; Mining; and General Construction; regardless of which industry you work in, if your project uses temporary roadways and/ or bridges, you likely spend a significant amount of time sourcing access mats (swamp mats) and bridges which were built using sound design and fabrication techniques.

Although having a high quality product is important, it is only half of the access equation. Given our full turn-key operations, Northern Mat & Bridge combines its high quality product with its best in class operating team, internal trucks and equipment to provide the full access solution in a safe and reliable manner.

Are you looking for the ultimate access experience? Look no further!

For over 18 years Northern Mat & Bridge has intentionally, focused solely on providing access solutions. This has allowed us to become both leaders and experts within our industry. With the largest operational capacity and fleet of specialized equipment in Canada, backed with turn-key service, Northern Mat & Bridge provides you unparalleled customer service from the moment you pick up the phone. Here are our eight key elements for successful delivery and installation:

24/7 Support

One call gets you full-service matting and bridge support. Our transportation and logistics department work 24/7 so that your access mats, rig mats, crane mats, bridges, etc. are immediately deployed from the nearest of our 30+ Canadian service centres, getting you there quickly while reducing costs.

Large Transportation Fleet

Our collection of super B trailers, scissor neck trailers, tri-drive winch trucks, tandem trucks and lowbed equipment trailers make up the largest operational fleet of access matting and bridge trucking solutions across Canada. Our knowledgeable superintendents will ensure that you receive the best trucking options for your project, helping you save time and money.

First in Class Safety

Experienced, passionate employees combined with training which exceeds industry standards set the foundation for the rich safety culture at Northern Mat & Bridge. In addition to being COR, ISN, Complyworks and Avetta certified, our award winning HSE team provides comprehensive training and performs regular field visits to verify all delivery and installation procedures are adhering to the Northern Mat & Bridge standard.

Quality Management

Based on the ISO 9002 standard, our Quality Management System (QMS) provides a framework which enables us to achieve complete operational excellence. This customer focused approach standardizes our superior access knowledge and expertise then allows for continuous changes and improvements in order to give our clients the best personalized experience, every time.

Experienced Professionals

Regardless if your work site is in a metropolis city centre or a remote location in northern British Columbia – peppered with pipeline crossings, mud and muskeg – we have highly qualified and experienced supervisors and operators who have the skills to complete the job. Not only can our operations team make recommendations that will increase the efficiency of your project, but their wealth of experience and training allow them to make quick and pivotal decisions on ever changing and dynamic worksites.

Modern Fleet of Equipment

We have the largest specialized fleet of heavy construction equipment in Canada, consisting of front end loaders and tracked excavators with grapples. A grapple is specialized extension which replaces the excavator’s bucket and is used to handle access mats, swamp mats, mud mats etc. with significantly increased speed and efficiency. Strictly enforced maintenance programs coupled with a modern fleet of yellow iron ensure that your job is completed without any operational related down time.

Emergency Response

Northern Environmental Access Service’s (NEAS) is a division of Northern Mat & Bridge created specifically to protect the environment and provide fast access in times of crisis. NEAS’ resumé includes rapid delivery and installation of access mats and bridges for industrial emergencies such as train derailments, pipeline breaks, floods and more. Our NEAS team members understand the impacts industrial emergencies can have on public safety, the environment, production and ultimately the bottom line and have specialized incident management training to safely and professionally deal with your emergency.

Environmental Stewardship

Last but certainly not least, our commitment to the environment is an important factor in the development of our operating procedures. We are continuously seeking new and innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Delivery and install initiatives such as our idling, fueling and pre-use inspection policies all contribute to support our overall goal to provide access matting services in the most environmentally friendly way possible.