Turn-Key Services

Making site access simple is a matter of managing the details. We do more than just stock and deliver product, we quarterback every aspect of your access requirements. When you work with Northern Mat & Bridge, we help you identify the situation, find the right solution and build a project plan. This collaborative approach makes us part of your team, working alongside you. The duration of the project, the type of equipment and the environment all dictate what kind of mat or access product you should use. Our project managers will make recommendations based on your company's operations.

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Serving with Efficiency

Even before the first access mat is loaded, our quality management system (QMS) allows you to rest assured that every step of the job is completed safely and with utmost efficiency. There are many factors which make our setup & support system successful. At Northern Mat & Bridge, our on-site supervisors  monitor, control, measure and implement continuous improvements. Our HSE personnel do frequent, on-site inspections of all equipment to verify that all mandatory government, client and internal requirements are completed and up to date.

Our advanced access mat and inventory tracking system is another important control measure. All access mats, bridges and other inventory are tracked and monitored through the entire life-cycle of your project. Regardless of how big or small your project is, our support system ensures that you get superior service throughout the entire life-cycle of your project.

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Complete access support

Providing safe, cost-effective temporary access

For over 18 years, Northern Mat & Bridge has intentionally focused solely on providing access solutions.
This has allowed us to become both leaders and experts within our industry.

Project Planning

Our client advisors focus on building long-term partnerships while offering customized, value-added, environmental solutions to simplify your access needs.

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Delivery & Installation

We have over 30+ strategically-located service centres across Canada, complementing our top quality products with fast and reliable access services.

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In-House Manufacturing

We take pride in building strong, reliable access mats that fuel our reputation as leaders in quality. We control every aspect of our mat manufacturing.

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Inventory Management

As a part of our quality guarantee, our integrated tracking and billing program provides clients with detailed, accurate and up to date information and reports.

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Emergency Response

Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) is a division of NMB created to help clients access sensitive terrain while responding to environmental emergencies.

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Mat Washing

Our state-of-the-art mat washing machine; The Matador, cleans and disinfects access mats faster and more effectively than any other machine on the market.

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Winter Road Construction & Snowmaking

Our modern fleet of 24 hour remote snowmaking machines and low ground pressure snowcats allow us to build winter roads anytime, anywhere!

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