Sectional Deck Structure

For easier maintenance and replacement of the timber deck, each section has a simple locking structure that can be easily attached to the steel super structure. Whether renting or purchasing, we supply bridges with the convenience of our clients in mind.

Features common to all our bridges:

  • Easily winchable, skidable and very durable, permitting easy installation and quick access
  • Designed and fabricated to CAN/CSA-S6, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, and modified for industrial applications
  • Bridge superstructures are fabricated from bridge weathering steel, no painting or maintenance required
  • All welding conforms to CSA-59 requirements and bridges are fabricated in CWB Certified facilities
  • Railings are painted with “bright safety yellow” for additional visibility
  • Bridges up to 80’ are built with sturdy pull pipes (winch tubes) included into the design
  • All designed for CAN/CSA-S6 CL-625, CL-750, CL-800 and BCFS L100 loadings  

Standard Portable Dimensions

  • Length: 40'-160'
  • Running Surface: 14'
  • Splash Guards: 12"

Ideal for limited access

Our Standard Portable bridges with modular decks are the ultimate in versatility. Whether you are crossing an area with limited access or spanning a large wetland, we will have a bridge to get the job done.

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