Preservation and Access

If you have ever traveled in the wilderness throughout Canada, you have surely encountered the vastly diverse ecosystems and you will quickly see that not all of them are ideal for industry and heavy equipment. In particular, swamps and muskeg serve a valuable function; filtering air and water and providing homes for innumerable species. Consisting of unstable, soft ground and ever-present water, they’re a considerable challenge to transportation and operations support.

Swamp mats – also known as access mats – serve multiple functions. First, they stabilize the ground so you can safely move crews and machinery where it needs to be, providing a solid, level surface not affected by surface water and precipitation. Second, and just as important to today’s businesses, swamp mats preserve the environments they’re used in. Swamps and muskeg are highly-sensitive ecosystems and the less we disturb them, the better off we all are. With swamp mats, you spend less time reclaiming a job site when you’re done and the land and water recover sooner to support the wildlife and people who depend upon it.