Northern Mat & Bridge - Mud Mats

Mud. It’s thick, often deep and sometimes impassable. Spend time on remote work sites and you’ll think the world is made of the stuff. It’s hard enough to walk in, let alone trying to get your equipment through it quickly and safely while keeping your project on schedule.

For this reason, access mats are often referred to as mud mats. Mud Mats keep the mud where it belongs – under your feet – and allows for you and your machinery to stay clean, dry and productive. Without mud mats, you have more risk of having a machine bury itself or sinking deep enough that you can’t pull it out without sending for additional equipment. It’s a delay you can’t afford as you assess the added costs of downtime, damages and getting the machinery extricated.

The confidence, trust and respect you build in your team by planning ahead and laying down mud mats tells them you’re as prepared as you can be for changing conditions in the field. You’re serious about their safety, getting the job done right and on time.