Keeping Operations Moving

Access is pivotal regardless of the industry or stage of the project. That is why we have built a line of dependable access mats that enable your crews and heavy equipment to reliably reach their destination.

Reliability and convenience; these are the foundations of a strong access service. With the largest fleet of access mats and specialized matting equipment in the business, we can respond to any job quickly. We understand that any delays are costly, so we complement our top quality products with experienced and dedicated delivery and installation teams that get the job done on time and on budget.

24/7 Support

Weather and environmental conditions are unpredictable and costly, which is why Northern Mat & Bridge offers round the clock support including: transportation, installation and servicing at a moments notice.

If you have emergency access needs, Northern Mat & Bridge has an entire business unit dedicated to Emergency Response called Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) and is available for emergency response access mat and bridge installation.

Emergency Response

High Stock

We know access demands can be immediate, so we keep vast inventory of well-maintained mats. With a sophisticated inventory and tracking system, we will have the materials available to support you when you need them.

Wood Access Mats

Northern Mat & Bridge offers a variety of different access mat products, each uniquely suited to the environment and workload. These are all available for rental, purchase or our attractive lease-to-own options.

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Product Specifications

At Northern Mat & Bridge we believe in continuous improvement and quality. Having our own manufacturing facilities ensures that you get the highest quality mat, every time. Features common to all of our access mats include:

  • Dimensions – 8’ x 14’ x ~5 1/4"
  • 3 ply configuration with solid core centre for maximum strength and flexibility
  • Premium grade lumber (No.2 or better)
  • Precise placement of carriage bolts ensures structural integrity
  • 12” Finger-joint system interconnects mats from end to end, ensuring consistent weight distribution & connectivity


Fir Access Mat

Durable & Lightweight

Constructed with No.2 grade or better Canadian Fir, the Douglas Fir Access Mat is our most lightweight mat. We choose Douglas Fir because the straight grain of the lumber, results in the mat being hard and quite dense for a softwood. These characteristics give the mats an excellent strength to weight ratio, resulting in a durable yet lightweight product. The Fir Mat is typically 30-50% lighter than our premium oak mats; therefore you can expect to see a 30-50% decrease in your transportation costs.


FirLite Hybrid Access Mat

Consumer #1 Choice

A FirLite Hybrid access mat is a cross between our Douglas Fir & Oak Mats. It is by far our most popular choice for access mat rentals. This mat has the same design and craftsmanship of the fir access mat; however, the 4 outer boards of the mat have been replaced with 100% premium Oak.  As such, they have a longer lifespan and are used for a majority of our matting projects.


Three-Ply Bolted Oak Mat

Strong & Resilient

100% premium oak and Mixed Hardwood mats are known for being the strongest and heaviest products available for your project.


Environmental Mats

Our world. It’s the only one we have and in today’s operational climate, it is industries responsibility to do their part to ensure that impacts on the environment are reduced.

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Mud Mats

Mud. It’s thick, often deep and sometimes impassable. Spend time on remote work sites and you’ll think the world is made of the stuff.

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Swamp Mats

If you have ever traveled in the wilderness throughout Canada, you have surely encountered the vastly diverse ecosystems and you will quickly see that not all of them...

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Temporary Roads

You never know where the road will take you, or if you’ll have to build it yourself over mud, muskeg, swamps or sensitive ecosystems where permanent roads aren’t permitted...

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