Dam Construction Project

Location: Southern Ontario

Scope: Supply and install a temporary road for access to the site

Mission: Provide a 535m access path through environmentally sensitive land so the customer can provide access to equipment, supplies and concrete trucks safely and efficiently.

Results: Northern Mat & Bridge was able to build the access road through an environmentally protected area, normally incapable of handling construction traffic and heavy loads. The customer and their sub contractors were able to gain access to the construction area without suffering any further delays due to weather, site access restrictions, ground conditions, or incurring unnecessary reclamation costs.

Crosstown Project Toronto

Location: Eglinton Crosstown Project Toronto

Scope: Supply and install a temporary path of travel for a 220 ton rotary drill rig

Mission: Provide support and an access path to walk a 220-ton rotary drill rig from one tunnel to the next down Eglinton Avenue.

Results: Northern Mat & Bridge was able to build the access path, walking the drill rig down the street, while always keeping the tracks on mats. This helped to prevent any road damage while providing the safest and sturdiest platform

Waterfront Project Montreal

Location: Peel Basin Downtown Montreal / Lachine Canal

Scope: Supply and install access solution on basin perimeter

Mission: To protect the bicycle path along the canal and allowing the drilling rigs to circulate on the perimeter. Prepare an access to allow rig to get onboard barge to extract core samples from basin bed.

Results: The environmental mandated firm for CDPQ (Quebec Deposit and Investment Fund) in preparation for R.E.M project, (A new transportation line that will link downtown Montreal, South Shore, West Island, North Shore and the Airport) safely performed the soil characterization and sampling activities. The site demobilization was executed on time, and the bicycle path remained intact on this Historical site.

Downtown High Rise Construction Project

Location: New High-rise construction in Toronto, Ontario at Bay And Wellesley

Scope: Install Access Mats to support rotary drill rigs, dump trucks and excavators.

Mission: To create a double to triple layer walking path to allow for a safe and sturdy access along with a walking pad during the foundation phase of the project.

Results: Mats were put down safely and efficiently meeting the job site and engineers requirements.