Northern Mat & Bridge offers an integrated solution of highly-qualified personnel, the right equipment, and quality products and services that seamlessly work together to meet your unique and specific needs. We provide reliable, cost effective temporary and emergency access solutions to industries across Canada, including Power Transmission & Distribution, Pipeline, Oil & Gas, Emergency Response, Renewable Energy, Forestry, Mining and General Construction.

Below are examples of our work and how we solved access problems for numerous industries. Every customer is unique, and every situation requires a specific strategy. We have established a reputation within our industry as problem solvers, innovators and builders of great products that get the job done.


Access Mat & Portable Bridge Markets

Power, Transmission & Distribution

As a leader and innovator in access solutions, we have the capacity and specialized training programs to safely and effectively execute power-line projects.

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Linear pipeline projects often pass through miles of sensitive land types. The use of access mats ensures that you are doing your part to protect the environment.

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Oil & Gas

Road bans and production down-time are costly to your oil and gas projects. Access mats optimize the efficiency of your drilling rig, completion site and lease roads.

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Civil Construction

Northern Mat and Bridge has the experience and knowledge to support your downtown projects. From condo builds, subway construction, office buildings and all things access!

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Whether it is oilsands, potash, uranium, precious metals or exploration mining, Northern Mat & Bridge has the access solution that will work for your project.

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Renewable Energy

Northern Mat & Bridge has supplied various Renewable Energy projects across the country helping them minimize environmental impact through matted access and sites.

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Providing safe, cost-effective temporary access

Northern Mat & Bridge is skilled in supplying access solutions to the construction industry. Whether it is a major infrastructure project, foundations, steel buildings and facilities, temporary shop floors or any other construction project, Northern Mat & Bridge is ready to react with the correct access solution for the project at hand. With a vast inventory of access products, delivery and installation equipment, and experience, we are ready to mobilize quickly no matter where your project is located.


Northern AB Bridge Washout

Severe flooding requires an 80' replacement bridge

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Ditsu River Crossing

Providing winter access across a river in Northern BC

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Highway 88 Complete Washout

A total washout on Highway 88 near Slave Lake Alberta

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Northern Environmental Access Services

Emergency Response in Times of Need

When disasters strikes and access is limited, every second is important. The quicker the response, the safer the situation becomes. Northern Emergency Access Solutions (NEAS) is a division of Northern Mat & Bridge that was created specifically to provide fast access in times of crisis.

We understand the impacts industrial emergencies can have on safety, the environment and production. Our organization is positioned to provide fast response and help companies reduce the damage of hazardous breaks, spills or natural disasters. This means better protection of people and the environment, less down-time and minimized public relation based issues. Having worked on numerous pipeline breaks, blowouts, floods or weather events and train derailments, we understand the importance of providing rapid access in the safest and most discrete manner.

Always on call and capable of responding in less than 24 hours, call NEAS for any emergency access situation.

In case of an emergency, call: 1·844·354·NEAS (6327)

Cheechum Project

An emergency release in Northern Alberta required NEAS crews to respond quickly and efficiently so that the customer could gain access and minimize impacts.

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Ontario Train Derailment

NEAS crews deployed in the middle of the night to deliver and install access mats along the train tracks so the customer could gain access for clean-up.

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Manitoba Train Derailment

A pad site built with our custom crane mats was laid in Gregg, Manitoba, to help expedite the clean-up of a few train cars which derailed last spring.

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