In 2014 Northern Mat & Bridge had outgrown their office of seven years and decided it was time to build a new place that all of their 225+ employees could call home. During the building process it was very important to NMB that they make the building as energy efficient as possible. Features included in the office that help reduce energy usage include:

  • High-efficiency smart lighting
  • Water- and energy-conserving sensor taps
  • Dual flushing water-reducing toilets
  • Energy-efficient hand dryers
  • Grey water cycling system



Being a large company, it is inevitable that the needs and usage of our technology constantly changes. For scenarios in which our need for phones, computers, etc. ends before its life cycle, our donation program ensures that no item is wasted.

Most recently, we donated over 30 phones to a local charity which will be distributed to youth-at-risk as a resource for them to use if faced with an emergency situation.



In 2015, in an effort to minimize our environmental footprint, we joined the Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group (CWWR). CWWR is a group of industry business associates who aim to reuse or recycle wood that would otherwise be sent to a landfill. Working together, Northern Mat & Bridge developed their first wood waste diversion plan.

So what exactly does that mean?

The plan has three goals, the first of which is to have all scrap wood generated at our mat plant sent to a recycling facility. Our first goal is already underway!

The second goal is to create a way to process our scrap wood onsite, to be used as biomass (a fuel source made from a renewable resource) for an external energy source.

Our third goal is to create a closed-loop recycling system, by having an onsite biomass heating system, which will allow us to have our own source of renewable energy. So in the future, we plan to take our scrap wood, process it into a fuel source, then use it to heat our facilities, saving us money and reducing our use of non-renewable fuel sources.

Over the past few years, Northern Mat & Bridge has been working towards becoming an industry leader in environmental responsibility. The planning and implementation of several new initiatives will help to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and bring us closer to our targets.