Working Towards Minimizing our Footprint

Climate change is a stark reality of the world we live in. Northern Mat & Bridge has committed to being part of the change by developing a plan which will help us to lower our company’s overall greenhouse gas emissions levels.

Alberta has the third-largest proven crude oil reserve in the world; as a result our province is faced with the colossal challenge of how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while the demand for energy increases. At Northern Mat & Bridge, we recognize that greenhouse gas reduction is not just a role reserved for exploration companies, but a responsibility of every person, company and organization within our province.

In 2014, we committed to doing our part in emission reduction by starting a company-wide data collection program which will allow us to quantify our Carbon Dioxide (CO2) output.

In order to better understand and fully validate our findings, we have paired up with a third-party consulting company called EcoAmmo. Moving forward we plan to use our baseline data to set science-based goals and implement measures to combat climate change.