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Employee Spotlight: Mike Smyth

Meet Mike Smyth, Operations Manager, Eastern Canada. Find out just how much Mike loves his job at Northern Mat & Bridge:

What’s your favourite thing about working at Northern Mat & Bridge?

The best part of the job is the people and atmosphere. Everyone works together and pulls together to respond to all matters, especially to the emergency jobs. Everyday there is always a new challenge, that the whole team overcomes.  

If you could trade jobs/positions with anyone at work, what would your new job be and why?

I wouldn’t trade my job for anything.

What initially attracted you to working at NMB?

The growth of the company and community environment. Eastern Canada has been growing year over year and its been great to be a part of it.

If you had a time machine that would only work once, what time period would you travel to?

Back to yesterday there wasn’t enough time in the day.  

Favourite food?


Favourite movie?

Boondock Saints (the first one).

I can’t live without my:

Most would say my phone but the true answer is my family.

When it comes to snacks, do you like salty, sweet, or both?

Sweet – candy is my weakness in the office.

Would you rather retire on the beach or in the country?

Cottage county, on a lake in a wood cabin.

Thanks, Mike! Stop in and chat with him next time you’re in our east division offices. If you have an employee you’d like to nominate, email .

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