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Employee Spotlight: Dean McIlwrick

Meet Dean McIlwrick, Heavy Equipment Operator at NMB. Dean has worked with Northern Mat & Bridge since October, 2018 and brings decades of valuable experience to our team. Learn more about Dean’s role with Northern Mat and who his favourite team is (you may not have heard of them yet):

What motivates you to get up and go to work?

Boredom is an enemy of mine. I’ve always loved new challenges and experiences. The opportunity to learn something new makes for a great day. I also enjoy crew members that like to enjoy themselves a try to make work fun. I’ve learned a ton here in the last year – I wish I had come here five years ago.

What has been your favourite project so far?

The Valard/Fortis line replacement along highway 47. Laying access over challenging terrain, creek crossings, highway approaches all help pass the time.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I was born in a tiny town in Saskatchewan, grew up in Vanderhoof, BC and started my career as a small engine apprentice at PG Yamaha in 1988 (just dated myself). It wasn’t for me so I moved to logging equipment in ’89. I have operated every type of machine they would let me – I supervised crews and ran a commercial thinning test project for Weldwood in Hinton many years ago.

What would you like to ask our CEO?

How do you plan to mitigate the political hurdles we have at this time? How challenging do you expect the next few years to be?

Who’s your favourite team and why?

My son’s school football team. They play for the enjoyment of it, learn a ton while they are doing it and don’t even know it yet.

How do you define success?

Learning to be satisfied. Which is different for everyone. For me it’s finding a place I fit in, stay challenged and enjoy what I’m doing.

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