Our Dedication is Your Peace of Mind

We make complex jobs simple; building remote access solutions that are fast to install, long lasting and affordable.

This comes from our business mindset that is committed to understanding and meeting our customer needs and providing customer value; using our quality standards to create access solutions and service, that exceed expectations. Working with Northern Mat & Bridge is engaging with a partner committed to making your complex access job easy.

Northern Mat & Bridge (NMB) provides quality in its products and services by

  • Understanding, accepting, meeting and satisfying client needs and expectations for products and services
  • Setting objectives for quality, to comply with client and Quality Management System requirements; and
  • Continually improving the Quality Management System and its effectiveness.
  • To view our Quality Policy click here: NMB Quality Policy

Why and What of QMS

The success of Northern Mat & Bridge is dependent on understanding, satisfying, and complying with the current and future needs and expectations of our customers. 

At its core, a Quality Management System is an integrative element, uniting diverse aspects of a company into a unified purpose of delivering products and services in their best form. An effective Quality Management System is viewed within our organization as a key element of success.

To achieve and enhance customer satisfaction, Northern Mat & Bridge endeavors to know and understand its customers’ requirements, determine the product and service characteristics required, and identify opportunities for improvement.

We are proud of our commitment to creating a company dedicated to maintaining quality in all aspects of our business. Our Quality Management System (QMS) adheres to all aspects of ISO 9001 quality management standards. Through the successful implementation and ongoing management of our Quality Management System it has enabled us to build a stronger reputation amongst our customers and stakeholders for having a more consistent and effective work ethic along with a reputable image of integrity. We have developed processes to ensure that we maintain and monitor all aspects of our company to guarantee that we not only provide the best service, but the best products possible. Together with our team members from all areas of NMB we have collaborated in creating procedures that we believe set us apart from our competition and cement our place as the leader in the Access Mat Industry.