Over the past 18 years, our business has experienced significant growth. As with our company grew, it went through numerous changes and continued to have many variables. Looking back over the years at Northern Mat & Bridge, safety has been no exception to this change. To be clear, a dedication to safety has always been our top priority. But as the industry developed – and standards and regulations changed – we devoted more time, resources and people to our safety program. Year after year, we have worked with our employees, clients and contractors to develop what is now a realistic, hands-on training yard, called the Learning Centre for Excellence, and accompanying curriculum which is completed by all employees before entering the field.

The Learning Centre for Excellence is a two-acre facility training yard dedicated to training field employees in a controlled environment; better preparing them for working in hazardous conditions. The yard consists of:

  • A mock wellhead
  • A simulated pipeline crossing
  • Full-scale transmission and distribution lines
  • A trailer to train loading and unloading of equipment
  • A sloped working area

We can now undoubtedly say that we have a safety program that is second to none!