The Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) is a group of Northern Mat & Bridge (NMB) personnel with various levels of expertise from every department that address safety concerns, develop and promote new initiatives, review incident investigations and complete inspections. All Joint Health & Safety Committee members are available to receive worker concerns and recommendations regarding health and safety; to discuss problems and recommend solutions, and to provide input into existing and proposed health and safety programs.

In 2015, a group of dedicated HSE advocates at NMB stepped up to help us get one-step further to a zero-incident safety culture. By having at least one NMB representative from each department, safety-related thoughts, ideas, and concerns, of every employee, are more easily expressed and communicated. Typical duties of JHSC members include:

  • Attending all committee meetings (Generally once a month)
  • Promoting the health and safety policy and program
  • Assisting the employer in resolving worker health and safety concerns
  • Providing feedback on workers' suggestions
  • Promoting and monitoring compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Participating or making recommendations about the identification and control of workplace hazards
  • Making recommendations regarding tracking the effectiveness of health and safety program and recommendations
  • Conducting one Worksite Observation a month addressing safety hazards, positive observations in their workplace
  • Keeping all information brought to them confidential

The JHSC ensures that every Northern Mat & Bridge employee can work in the safest environment possible, and get home to their loved ones every day.