Safety Culture

We believe that safety, quality and production are key foundations to overall management. This has provided Northern Mat & Bridge a unique opportunity to build not only an award-winning but also revolutionary access solution-based company. All this without compromising the health and safety of our people, and  allowing us to protect the interests of our clients, the environment and general public. Today we hold fast to those values as we develop and train our leaders within the organization and participate in industry initiatives to raise the health, safety and environment bar.

We utilize cutting-edge technology to facilitate all facets of our company from manufacturing to the completion of a project. By utilizing comprehensive hands on training programs for labourers, operators, mentoring new supervisors and driver development programs, we exceed in both quality and protection of our people.

Corporate Safety Policy (PDF)

Safety Stand Down

Employees are put through a rigorous in-house training program which utilizes classroom training, online training, and all available online client orientations. Providing our field operations with real-time ease of access to legislation, laws, company and client compliance rules and expectations is critical in achieving effective and efficient access solutions to protect our employees and the environment as outlined by our clients and our company. Annually, Northern Mat & Bridge brings together industry training facilitators from across North America to provide our employees the most updated topics and initiatives to prepare them for our work-sites. Our safety stand downs have been noted by our clients, and industry leaders as outstanding, again confirming our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment is the best in the access solution world.

Health and Safety

Our Dedication is Your Peace of Mind

Our core values direct us to utilize a multi-faceted strategy consisting of social responsibility, sustainable practices, business ethics and value in every product and service we offer. As a result we have forged productive and positive relationships with our employees, contractors, clients and Indigenous partners.  We are committed to continue the evolution of our award winning HSE program; champion environmental progress; and become a lead innovator within our industry.

3 unique HSE incentive programs

There is a code to our conduct; we have high standards to which every person is accountable for throughout our entire organization.


Joint Health & Safety Committee

In our pursuit of delivering complete customer satisfaction, we use our quality management system to building longer-lasting, higher-value mat & bridge systems.


Learning Centre for Excellence

We believe in operating a socially responsible business that gives back to the people we work with, and the communities that we work in.


Power safe Training facility

Based on our goal to be the leader in environmental practices, we strive to make responsible choices in everyday operations, purchasing and production.


Holistic HSE Model

Our holistic HSE model encompasses a comprehensive behavioural-based approach to a risk management system. We believe that through proper analysis, research, tracking, trending and testing methods, we can eliminate incidents involving people, assets and the environment. With the reporting systems we have implemented we are able to provide clients with a dashboard look at the health, safety and environmental impacts on a monthly basis. We believe this is a valuable tool for clients to develop a proactive approach to the prevention of incidents in the future.

Northern Mat & Bridge believes that proper leadership, management systems, vision and education are the keys to positive influence on overall company HSE culture and goal measurement.

Northern Mat & Bridge actively encourages participation with local and provincial industry partners ensuring we stay on the leading edge of Safety, Health, Environmental and Transportation initiatives enabling us to provide leadership and education to ensure accountability to our employees and their families, and contractors as a whole. Our HSE team currently partners with the following organizations:

  • ACSA Grande Prairie Regional Safety Committee
  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineers
  • Alberta Motor Transportation Association
  • Drop It and Drive
  • Partnership with the University of Vermont for Sustainability and
    Environmental Online Training
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association, Audit Standard Review Committee
  • Job Safety Skills