Our Commitment to Indigenous Relations

At Northern Mat & Bridge our understanding and respect for Indigenous knowledge, cultures and traditional practices contributes to sustainable and equitable development and proper management of the environment.

  • We respect Aboriginal Treaty Rights, connection to the environment and traditional ways of living
  • When speaking with Indigenous communities we communicate in an open and transparent manner
  • We are committed to building beneficial relationships and do this through open and honest engagement

Partnering with our Communities

Through numerous joint venture partnerships, we demonstrate our success and commitment to developing long-term partnerships within the communities in which we operate. We work with all our partners to be the best neighbor possible, through sharing concerns of our Indigenous partners, and dedicating our capabilities, resources, and people to creating a better future for community members and their traditional land use areas.

Indigenous Relations Policy

At Northern Mat & Bridge, we believe the key to building successful relationships with our Indigenous neighbors is based upon mutual respect, fairness, understanding and open communication to understand their traditional land use concerns and minimize our impacts to sensitive areas. Our goal is to be the business partner and employer of choice for Indigenous communities and peoples. Click here to see a PDF of our policy.