The Right Training Makes a Difference

During the NMB on-boarding process, each of our drivers, lease operators, project managers and supervisors are required to graduate from the NMB HSE training centre.

In addition to all the mandatory government, client and internal courses, NMB has developed a realistic hands-on training yard and curriculum which must be completed prior to being assigned a job. The training and orientation for on-boarding takes approximately two weeks and encompasses the true commitment NMB makes to ensure the protection of our people and yours.



Safety Brings you Home!

How Do We Keep Everyone in the Company Safe?

A culture of safety is achieved when we all work together and take responsibility for our own part, while still looking out for each other while we are at work.

A Committed HSE Team

  • 6 full-time HSE professionals.
  • Promote, educate and support safety efforts.
  • Provides safety equipment to the work site.
  • Conduct behavior based observations of employees and site operations.

A Comprehensive Training Program

  • Vigorous 2 week training program for all operators
  • Aligned with all provincial regulations and our client's safety best practices.
  • Continuous safety training and courses throughout the year

We Empower Our Employees

  • We encourage communication on our work sites.
  • Supervisors, HSE teams and crews continually identify and update the ever changing work site safety hazards
  • Collaborate with all employees for a dynamic approach to safety.

That's how everyone goes home safe at the end of every day and every project.