Treading Lightly

Our world. It’s the only one we have and in today’s operational climate, it is industries' responsibility to do their part to ensure that impacts on the environment are reduced. Access mats, also known as environmental mats, have considerable benefits for helping reduce the footprint caused by industrial activity.

Soil is far more than dirt. It is the basis of our ecosystem, filled with life, and is protected by the plant growth which covers it. Minimizing soil disturbance with environmental mats reduces compaction, rutting and erosion, especially in areas where the terrain is soft. Access Mats/Environmental Mats also act as protective barriers so that industrial materials are less likely to contaminate the earth and pathogens or invasive species are less susceptible to cross-contamination preserving the area’s natural life cycle for future generations.

Environmental mats are also a non-permanent solution, meaning they’re less invasive, quicker to set up and quicker to remove when you’re done. The land returns to its original state in less time, an important consideration when obtaining access to work in sensitive areas where permanent roads are not an option.