Volume Matting - Discounted Prices

We make access matting, so it's no surprise that we'd make access to our products and services as easy as possible.

Largest Inventory

When you've been in business as long as we have, you've had the time to build and expand. We have two manufacturing facilities and over 50 yards and offices strategically placed across Canada to reduce response time and associated transport costs. But don't think we stop there. If a client has an ongoing need for matting and service, we'll work with them to place a new yard near to their site.

Volume Rental Rates

For large projects, keeping your costs in line requires volume purchasing power and a supplier who understands the realities of your budget. Northern Mat & Bridge has the largest stock of mud (access), crane and rig mats available to industry. We are able to offer substantial volume rental discounts while providing first-class customer service.

Reduced Costs

Using Northern Mat & Bridge as a direct partner for large projects can significantly reduce your overall matting costs. We have manufacturing facilities in both British Columbia and Alberta, allowing for project and manufacturing capabilities for the largest jobs.

However, having capacity alone is not enough to effectively deal with high volume projects. We have sophisticated quality management and tracking systems in place to ensure accurate budget forecasting and billing. With attractive rental rates, purchase pricing and lease-to-own options, we're the right people for your next big job.